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We share a passion for EVs and their ability to make life easier and more sustainable.  EVs offer unmatched energy efficiency, operating cost and cleanness. We believe in their potential to make automobiles the most entertaining, comfortable, purposeful and affordable we ever had.

Finding the facts in this emerging, dynamic industry can be very time consuming, often impossible. And it is not likely to be your core business either. We made it ours and want to share our knowledge with you.

How we work

We focus on the plug-in vehicle sales development and its drivers: Products, prices, batteries, charging infrastructure, regulations and incentives. Total market knowledge notwithstanding, our dedication to plug-ins allows us to dig deeper. The facts originate from a myriad of sources in over 80 markets and an engaged network of EV enthusiasts around the world. Selecting the best, reliable information is part of the effort. Tenacity and experience helps: Our global consolidation on EV-volumes.com is one of a kind. Keeping it simple and structured saves all users plenty of time. From the vast stream of daily EV news we create the synthesis which allows you to connect the dots.

Sharing the recent market development with EV aficionados is the essence of EV-volumes.com, where our data collections are presented in a regular and consistent manner. For special analysis and insight, EV-volumes.com has its Data Center with online access for subscribers.

What we have

EV-volumes.com offers a consistent, global source of facts, together with a very user friendly online application. For easier and faster access to global market data for plug-in vehicles and their environment.

With our quarterly posts on the sales development of electrically chargeable vehicles we want to give you a good understanding about the market dynamics. Sales vary strongly between individual markets and discovering the reasons for boom and gloom are a good part of our quest to support the circulation of plug-in vehicles.

Professional subscribers will like our online Data Center, enabling their own, tailored analysis. It provides complete databases for car sales statistics, vehicle population, charging infrastructure, plug-in vehicle specifications and buying incentives. A recent addition to our knowledge base is detailed statistics for installed battery capacity, an important help in planning for materials and the reuse of EV batteries.

Our consultancy services combine the facts and figures of EV-volumes.com with our expertise in other areas of the automotive sector. We contribute to your planning activities with market studies, reports and insights, at your request.

Datacenter Service News

17 March: The database for battery installations is updated with the December 2017 and January 2018 data. The file has new features, like the display of units battery packs sold and the monthly tracking of new MWh battery capacity installed. In 2017, a total of 34,8 MWh of new battery capacity was installed in BEVs and PHEVs around the world. This is for light vehicles, for all the heavy vehicles, we will soon have the numbers.

11 March: Sales database update with results for February in USA (+33 %, Tesla Model-3 was the best selling plug-in), Norway(+15 %), France (+17 %), Canada (+118 %), Sweden (+57 %), Belgium (+42 %), Spain (+117 %), Finland (+158 %). For this round, we did not upload the sales years 2008 to 2010, as we reached a server space limitation. We are working on a solution and hope to have the first 3 years back in the database tool with the next update. The new Nissan Leaf is coming on steam in Europe now and most of the February sales for Leaf can be attributed to the new model. Contact us for the exact split if needed.

27 February: Another sales database with January results for most countries now, Italy and Portugal still missing. Growth vs January 2017 is already over 90 %, but is should be noted that January 2017 was very low in China, when permits and paperwork were not ready for many models. We see similar tendencies in China for the first month of this year, with some Chinese OEM showing unusually low volumes and some models recording no sales at all. But it's not as bad as January last year. Excluding China from the global tally, the increase is 33 %, so far.

19 February: Sales database update with results for January in China (prelim), USA +10 %, Japan +142 %, Norway -24%, France -5 %, Germany +81 %, Sweden +39 %, Netherlands +129 %, Belgium +44% and some other countries. We note long waiting lists for Nissan Leaf, Hyundai Kona and VW e-Golf in Norway and tight Renault Zoe inventories, which could explain the downturn in Norway and France. The percent values are for the increases versus January 2017.

03 February: Another update on the global sales numbers, adding 3300 units imports to China and Japan. Tesla and BMW bulletins have reported nearly identical total BEV+PHEV "deliveries" for 2017. 103 082 for Tesla, 103 080 for BMW, which is kind of sensational. Our totals for them may differ slightly, due to  varying registration routines in the individual markets. Even the total for Tesla may be revised by Tesla in the aftermath. Anyway, the global tally for plug-ins now stands at 1223 600 units in our books. One should never say final ...

02 February: Specs and info for all Plug-ins on sale extended with a number of new modes for China. We have added a further sheet with the information in database format, for easier search, sort and filter functions.

28 January: The final, global results are now in the system. Worldwide, 1 220 300 plug-in were delivered, 57 % more than in 2016. Nearly half of the sales, 603 300 units, were in China. We'll soon follow up with another global article, including the OEM and model rankings. Stay tuned!

24 January 2018: Sales update with preliminary, global results for 2017. The total stands at 1218 000, with only some minor markets pending. The increase over 2016 is 57 % with the strongest increases during the 2nd half of the year. For a detailed commentary on the global results, please refer to our recent article on this website.  We will follow up with the final results and more insights after the coming weekend. The race is very tight between between BMW and Tesla, for #3 in the 2017 OEM ranking. We are still verifying some of the numbers and will be back with the final tally, soon.

23 January 2018: An overview for our vehicle segmentation scheme and the list of countries we are tracking is added in the "Useful File" section.

04 January 2018: The worldwide PEV traction battery capacity file is updated with data until November 2017. The file has some new features, like the monthly tracking of MWh sales by supplier and battery type with all the associated OEM and vehicle details. It also has a new display for the trend in battery sizes in terms of MWh sales and now also for unit sales. We hope that Datacenter users like the new functions. Feedback and ideas always appreciated!

01 January 2018: A happy new year to all of you! The sales database is updated with the global results for November, which came in even higher than expected. 144 800 units were delivered, 76 % more than November last year. YTD, the tally has now safely passed 1 million. It took some time to verify some of the results in markets, which recently entered the plug-in scene, including Malaysia, where generous incentives created a truly extraordinary uptake this year.

15 December: Sales database updated with results for most countries, indicating a new record month. The tally stands at 132 400, with Japan and some smaller markets still missing. Worldwide, we expect close to 140 000 units for November, 70 % more than November last year. Increases were strong in most countries: China +85 %, Germany +123 %, Norway +36 %, USA +30 %, U.K. +45 %, France +54 %, Canada +128 %, Sweden +78 %. Many smaller markets have triple digit growth now. With some luck, we have November for all countries before Christmas.

03 December: Worldwide sales results for October available in the Datacenter tool. The new Leaf had a flying start in Japan with over 3600 units delivered, 1000 more than we expected. The global total was 119 400 122 000 units for October, the 2nd highest ever recorded and a 80 84 % growth over October of 2016. Japan has more than quadrupled volumes y-o-y October, thanks to the Prius Prime PHEV and the new Nissan Leaf EV.

27 November: Specs and info for all Plug-ins on sale extended with new modes for China and updated for MY18 offers as available.

20 November: Sales database update with October results for China +97 %, Portugal +167 %, Iceland +320 % and many other countries. With Japan and Italy remaining, we expect the global result to reach 118 400 units. Not another record month for volumes, but for y-o-y growth this year, with 79 % increase vs October 2016.

13 November: Sales database update with October results for Germany +73 % over October last year, United Kingdom +39 %, France +35 % and Canada +78 %. The next update in about a week should have the October numbers for China.

3 November: Global results for September available in the Datacenter tool. September finished with over 122 000 127 500 units delivered, a new record for a single month. YOY change was +56 % 63%, the YTD increase stands at 46 %. The update also has the October results for USA +35 %, Norway +47 %, Sweden +81 %, Belgium, Spain and South Korea.

26 October: Updated  database for the Public Charging Station Count. Please read the instructions for content and use, for the best interpretation of the statistics. As before, the numbers show the available locations by connector type and by the associated charging performance.

20 October: Sales Database update with September results for Germany, 6146 units, +76 % over September last year. The next update in approximately 10 days will have Italy, Portugal, Japan and other remaining, smaller markets, for the global total.

18 October: The datafile for all currently available plug-in vehicles is updated, with many new Chinese models and improvements to others. We will update this file fore frequently from now on, we are aiming at once a month. The pace of new model introduction is just amazing at current.

17 October: Sales database update with September results for USA +28%, China +80%, Canada +38% and many Europe Markets, among them Norway +45%, U.K. +15%, France +34%, Spain +177%. Already now, September has the highest monthly plug-in volume ever, 110 000 units, with Germany, Japan and some smaller markets still to come in. We are expecting over 120 000 units when the global count is complete, which is 20 % higher than the previous peaks in Dec '16 and June '17.

2 October: Worldwide PEV traction battery capacity file updated with data until August 2017. We noted many changes in China, with many suppliers and OEM changing from LFP to NMC chemistries, for higher energy density. CATL emerged as an important force in this. Worldwide, we expect 34,5 GWh of energy storage to be installed in passenger cars, this year. And then, there are electric buses. We are currently looking at that.

2 October: Sales database update with August volumes for all markets. Over 102 000 units were delivered globally, with an increase of 61 % over August of last year.


Our Services

EV-volumes.com - How it all started

Roland's challenge: Accustomed with a 20 years career as a market and technology expert in the automotive industry at different OEMs, my passion and expertise in the market could be shared with anyone via EV-volumes.com. Access to high quality market facts is hard to find. The emerging EV market is very dynamic and interest in good statistics is growing, and EV-volumes is where I can share my knowledge, passion and expertise.

José's mission: Being the best sales tracker of plug-in vehicle sales all over the world, EV-volumes is how I can benefit from my expertise: "When I started this, there were about 5 models on sale in 10 markets, now it's 80 models in over 40 markets. It starts to become a full-time job". An immense community of readers and supporters regularly follows my blog and EV-volumes is the natural path in this growing work.

Viktor's venture:  Studying a M.Sc. in Management & Economics of Innovation from Chalmers University of Technology, analyzing emerging markets and market disruptions from new innovations is my expertise. Being passionate about automobiles and especially electric engines and clean technology, EV-volumes.com is the natural outcome of my set of skills. I am convinced the automotive future history is both electric and autonomous.

EV-volumes.com is the result of our combined efforts. With a passion for EVs and a sense for facts & figures, we get you global EV information at your fingertips.

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