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The Future History of Energy and Transportation (Book)

The Global Sales for Q1 2017 will be published soon. Meanwhile, we have a book recommendation for you.

Fresh Perspectives

Many of you working in the area of energy, transportation and the environment, will at some time have heard of our partner in stealth-mode, Julian Cox. Julian is widely credited in the investment community for authoring the seminal long-thesis for TSLA in early 2013 at the onset of its meteoric rise. Briefly, for those yet to be introduced, Julian is the son of a nuclear physicist, he is an Imperial College engineer and a veteran of South African platinum mining, a serial entrepreneur in property, data communications in the nuclear industry, corporate media, brand building, a pioneer in autonomous drone developments and development of the lithium ion battery for motive power. 

For the past year while researching and writing this book, combined with EV-volumes strengths in data acquisition, Julian has been developing and testing our capacity to offer a new class of data-driven strategic consultancy and forecasting service. The book lays down a new reference frame for qualitative analysis that has proven to make effective forecasting of electrification possible. This is a must-read for every professional and an eye–opener for any interested observer or investor. The Future History of Energy And Transportation is now available at iBooks/iTunes and can be downloaded here. 

In brief, the book goes inside the mechanisms of market and technology disruption from oil to robotics in energy and transportation, it also gives new insights into the framework of Efficiency, Autonomous vehicles, Climate Change, the role of the ‘Petrodollar’, implications for Carbon Tax, the Paris Agreement, Batteries and much more. In all it provides a structured and actionable approach to anticipating and preparing for the future, one that is ordinarily obscured by conventional wisdom.

Again, we recommend you to read the Future History of Energy and Transportation.
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