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EV Data Center

The Data Center provides subscribers unlimited access to all our global market information on electrically chargeable vehicles. This includes sales volumes, vehicle information & specifications, charging infrastructure, incentive schemes and kWh traction battery deliveries by chemistry, supplier and OEM-Model.

Our sales volume records are detailed and comprehensive. You can select and structure own sets of data by a easy to use search tool. It generates tabulations as you need them, with consolidations, selections, filters and hierarchies of your choice. It’s like working with pivot tables, but online and without all the excel knowledge required. Don’t know what pivot tables are? Don’t worry, you will not need them here.

EV Data Center Services

  • Unlimited xEV Data Center access for up to 5 users per organization
  • Monthly sales updates for every xEV vehicle in the 80 major markets
  • Annual sales history by market & model back to 2008, monthly data since January 2013 and onwards
  • Vehicle categories covered: All passenger cars and light commercial vehicles
  • Vehicle segmentation criteria to select and filter
  • Easy to use volume data mining tool
  • Plug in vehicle population on the road - status vs targets
  • Charging infrastructure status in more than 30 important markets
  • Plug-in vehicle taxation and incentives monitor in the top-20 PEV markets
  • Present EV and PHEV model specifications for 150 vehicles
  • Base prices before incentives in 4 leading markets/currencies (USD, CNY, GBP, D-Euro, JPY and NOK)
  • Future EV and PHEV roll-out plan with timing of 280 vehicles
  • Traction Battery deliveries by chemistry, supplier, OEM-Model and geography
  • Publication agreement
  We also provide forecasts and track inventories, electric buses, and regular hybrid vehicles.
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