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Our background is in the vehicle industry and we are dedicated to plug-ins. Our core specialty is in the plug-in vehicle market conditions, a k a EV-Readiness, worldwide. We assist you on decisions about portfolios, specifications, pricing, target markets and sales volumes expectations. With high knowledge in strategy creation, combined with a passion for green innovation, we deliver tailored offers for your specific need.

Plug-in Vehicle Market Conditions

Combining all the facts for the most important drivers of EV readiness. For your specific case.

Decision Support

Facts, insights, future developments and forecasts for strategic planning purposes.

Reports & Presentations

Charts, papers & documents for accounts, conferences and seminars. Tailored content for publishers, one-off, or scheduled.

Volume Forecasting

Vehicle forecasts by propulsion type, for countries, regions, worldwide. This includes well documented assumptions for future market conditions, charts and tables for the requested level of detail.


Contact us for requests or if you want to know more about our solutions for your specific case.

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