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Austria – December & Full Year 2014

PEV sales in Austria finished strong, with 176 sales in December (+148 %) and a light vehicle share of 0,9%, the highest yet in Austria. Most of this performance is part of Renault Zoe. Various changes in bonus-malus regimes and fuel consumption tax (NoVA) have caused hesitation among EV buyers during the first half of 2013 and the autumn of 2014. In 2012, Austria had 1300 sales of PEV, in 2013 volumes dropped to just 840 units. Overall, 2014 sales show a strong recovery (+97 %) to 1640 units and an average share of 0,49% in the Austrian light vehicle market.
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Battery EVs dominate

Most plug-in sales are in battery EVs as they enjoy higher local incentives. In 2014, EVs sold 1435 units, PHEVs sold 209. Plug-in Hybrid share increases somewhat from 10 % to 13 % of total PEV sales.
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