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Belgium – 1st Quarter 2015

Belgium starts 2015 with a strong first quarter in sales. March is a new record in PEV sales, with 937 units sold. Regarding the growth, these 937 units represents a growth of 72 % compared to Q1 in 2014, which actually was a strong quarter. Almost half of what was sold during the whole 2014 is reached in Q1 2015 – seems promising. Since 2014, all regions in Belgium supports the development of clean vehicles, and PHEVs have been included, showing a trend increasing towards PHEV.
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Buyers like PHEVs

PHEV continues to grow, but in general, both segments grow. PHEV grew from 31 % (of total PEV) 2014 to over 50 % PHEV in Q1 2015. Being 653 units in 2014, Q1 2015 already shows about 485 PHEVs – and a few less pure EVs. This is a natural choice if tax incentives are being equal for PHEV and EV, as PHEVs usually contain less battery capacity, and therefore cost less.
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