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Denmark – 2nd Quarter 2015

The beginning of Q1 didn’t promise a lot, until March showed an astonishing record (of 476 units!) of EV sales. The Q2 have generally had strong sales since, increasing further to the end of the quarter. Tesla sales are strong, Model S make the second best month in June with 160 units. Danish taxation is under debate whether it favors luxury EVs more than other segments. In Q1, 639 PEVs were sold – and Q2, 666 PEVs. An increase of 113 % YoY. Our estimates is points on an 1,24 % PEV share in 2015.
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The Danish politics

Taxation benefits in Denmark favor BEV over PHEV and the appearance of the Mercedes C350e PHEV in the charts did not change the BEV/PHEV split too much. 95 % of all plug-in sales are pure EVs, which is highest for the European countries we are tracking. The new Mercedes C350e is the only plug-in hybrid with significant sales in Denmark. Read the full article for detailed sales, prognosis and comment on taxation in Denmark. Registration is FREE of charge.
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