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Germany Plug-in Vehicle Sales 2017 Q3 and YTD

Plug-in sales in Germany summed up 39 100 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles this year, until the end of September. This is a 106 % growth over the same period in 2016, when 18 300 units were delivered. Germany is the fourth largest market for electrically chargeable vehicles, only USA, China and Norway have higher plug-in sales.

September continued the previous months trend, translating in a strong increase in sales, with 6 150 registrations, a new all-time record, with sales growing 84% year-on-year. We believe the 2017 total light vehicle market will reach a new record, somewhere between 55 000 to 60 000 units, a significant step above the 28 000 units registered last year.

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Fast growing and now 2nd largest in Europe

The largest automotive market in Europe was a sleeping giant when it came to plug-ins, being trailed by other markets like the United Kingdom or France, but it has woken up this year, delivering the largest growth volume in Europe, being solely responsible for half of the sales increase in Europe.

The German car industry seems to have finally embraced EVs, competing with ambitious goals for their EV portfolios, sales targets and battery industry expansion, and that effort is already visible this year in its home market, as German plug-ins are growing faster (+138 %) than the PEV average (+106 %). The accentuated growth of the German PEV market is set to continue throughout 2018, surpassing Norway as the largest plug-in market in Europe.
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More than Hype

Regarding plug-in share, even if the numbers are still small, the growth is perfectly visible in the graph, with September reaching close to 2 % share, with December possibly surpassing it.

Looking into the following months, gains should remain around the scale of September (Around 1 %), with September 2018 possibly becoming the first month where the 3 % threshold is achieved.

2019 should bring exponential growth, as the new generation of German EVs arrive, like the VW ID, a mass market model.

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