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South Korea – December 2014 & Full Year

South Korea is a market not reaching over 100 units in PEV sales until 2014 . In general, sales in 2013 have been relatively stable over the months, selling around 50 units. 2014 starts strong in sales, reaching over 100 PEVs. February to April was however very poor in sales. In May, sales take off again, making June the all time record high in South Korea. December give some hope for sales, as numbers go above the 100 limit again.
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100 % PEVs

South Korea is a market where all PEVs are pure EVs. However, the future outlook for 2015 will probably provide a boom in PHEV sales. Rollout of Hyundai Sonata PHEV, Audi A3 sportback e-Tron, Porsche Cayenne PHEV, Mercedes C350e and S500 PHEV and BMW i8 are planned in 2015. PHEV market will grow fast, according to Businesskorea (2015) government decided to provide subsidies of 1,410 USD per vehicle. In addition, in Seoul City and the Jeju province have local subsidies for PEVs, of 13,689 USD per vehicle coming from the ministry of environment in Korea. The total budget for this will be 137 million USD starting somewhere during 2015 until 2016.
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