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The Data Center provides subscribers unlimited access to all our global market intelligence on xEVs. This includes monthly registration volumes, vehicle information & specifications, future vehicles that are coming to the market, charging infrastructure, battery deliveries by chemistry, supplier and OEM-Model in MWh, OEM xEV Share tracker & Country xEV Share tracker. We also have other databases, forecasts and reports.

All our databases come as Excel and reports come as PDF. Our Excels often come with prepared dynamic diagrams, for your convenience.

We have different options of accessing our databases, either by one-time downloads, or continuous access for 12 months. Our base Data Center Base Package grants access to up to 5 accounts per organization.

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EV Data Center Services

  • xEV registration/sales data: Monthly registrations on all BEV, PHEV, FCEV and HEV by country and model.
We cover all passenger cars & light trucks. You can filter and generate tables by OEM, Model, Propulsion Type, Segments, Sales Country, Sales Region, Car Connector type, Car Battery Size, Cell Chemistry, Cell Supplier, Vehicle production origin, We update all markets' registrations within a month and the larger markets just within a just few days. The tracking started 2008, until today. Screenshot example
  • Future plug-in (BEV & PHEV) vehicle roll-out calendar 2022-2026
Calendar of Future Vehicles that will come to the market with pictures of the cars, you can filter by Production location, OEMs, Models, Propulsion Type & Likelihood of Release. Today counting over 500 new vehicles. Screenshot example
  • Vehicle Specification database on all selling plug-ins (BEV & PHEV)
Database with information on Power, Range, Batteries, Dimensions, MSRPs in USA, China, Germany and UK, Planning info & much more. Counting 450+ vehicles that are currently on sale. Screenshot example
  • Charging Infrastructure database by Country and Connector Type
Database of the number of public locations you can find a certain connector in a country. You can filter by Country, Region, Charging Power, Charging Level, Connector Type & see the development over time. Screenshot example
  • Battery Shipment Tracker by Chemistry, Battery Maker & to which OEM, in MWh.
Database of battery deliveries by battery maker, to which OEM and car model they deliver and what cathode chemistry. You can filter the data on Cell Maker, OEMs, Models, Years, Months, Vehicle Production Location, Cathode Chemistries & BEV/PHEV. Screenshot example
  • xEV Share tracker by country
Monthly Shares of BEV, PHEV, HEV, MHEV & FCEV vehicles country by country. Derived from total vehicle markets and xEV shares (Excel) Video Example
  • OEM xEV Share tracker
Monthly xEV & Gas / Diesel Shares by OEM Group and Sales region. (Excel)

Other Databases, Forecasts and Reports (not part of subscription)

  • BEV & PHEV Buses & CV Registrations
 Sales Database of BEV & PHEV CVs & Buses, Month & Year, by Country & OEM. (Excel)
  • Forecast BEV & PHEV 2035
Forecasted Volume, Share, Fleet Size & Batteries, Time series 2015-2030. US, CN, Europe, Others, Global. (Excel) Screenshot Example
  • Forecast & Report BEV & PHEV CVs and Buses 2035
Regional forecasts of Share & Volume, with pilot projects, regulations, OEM roll-out plans & more. In US, CN, Europe, Others, Global. (Excel & PDF) Screenshot Example
  • xEV Global Sales Tracker
By Country. Highlights, Summaries, Shares & Top Lists. Monthly deliveries in PDF. (90 p. PDF report) Screenshot Example
  • Forecast OEM & Model & Battery Demand 2026, BEV & PHEV, with regional sales
Annual sales forecast by OEM & Model until 2026. Including both Existing & Future Vehicles, with battery MWh demand by OEM. It also includes the regional sales split on the OEM and Model Sales. (Excel)
  • Tesla Monthly Sales by Country and Quarterly delivery estimates
Some of you are only interested in Tesla's performance, so we created a database just for you! (Excel)
Please let us know your requirements or ask for assistance. No strings attached.
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