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Belgium – December & Full Year 2014

Plug-in vehicle sales in Belgium finishes strong, in line with the trend during most for the year. 283 PEV were sold in December, which is a new record for a single month and a 186 % growth over December 2013. The December 2014 PEV share in the Belgium light vehicle market was 0,9 %. The full year 2014 ended at a volume of 2105 units, a 214 % improvement over the 670 sales of 2013. In 2012, plug-in vehicle sales had been a lot higher: 1470 units, admittedly with 500 Renault Twizy among them. The end of federal tax deduction possibilities in for electrically driven vehicles in 12/2012 considerably reduced demand for 2013. As from 1/2013, the competence of environmental incentives was not any longer exercised by the federal level. The Regions decided whether or not to continue these incentives for low-emissions cars. Since 2014 the regions in Belgium grant higher support for clean vehicles.
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PHEV became an alternative

Tax incentive started to include plug-in hybrids in 2014, which showed in PHEV share increasing from 9 % to 31 % of total plug-in volume. Total BEV sales were 1451 units, total PHEV volume was 653, in 2014. Plug-in hybrid volume was just 60 units in 2013.
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