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Canada – 2nd Quarter 2015

The wait for the New Generation Volt and the Tesla Model X have caused stagnation for Plug-in Vehicle sales in Canada. The overall trend is similar to the situation in the US. Canada Q2 sales accumulated to 1600 units, only 5 % higher than for Q2 last year. PEV share of Canada's vehicle market this year stands between 0,25 and 0,3 %, less than half of PEV shares in the US, which lay around 0,7 %. Good sales are seen from the Model S, BMW i3 and the Mitsubishi i-Miev. The Canadian market needs a SUV/Crossover PEV as soon as possible.
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75 % of PEVs are EVs

With weakening sales of the long term best-seller Chevy Volt (included in PHEVs), pure EVs are gaining share, notably thru strong Tesla sales, which have more than doubled compared to last year. However, the trend of a larger share from EVs has been seen between ’14 and ’15 as well. The Canadian market needs a SUV/Crossover PEV as soon as possible, which could be the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, which is not for sale in Canada, thus growing the PHEVs’ sales share. »Register (for FREE) below or log in to read the full article, with detailed sales and outlook.
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Sales in June 2015

Looking at the last month of the quarter, June - 15, Tesla delivers another 150 vehicles to the Canadian market – making an increase of 126 %. In the total Q2 Tesla sold 495 units of the Model S – and 892 for the whole H1 2015 – making it the clear sales winner again. The AWD version Model S clearly had a huge impact on sales numbers. The Chevy Volt follows Tesla on the second position in June, but not in the overall Q2 nor H1 2015 (see detailed sales ranking below for more information). Nissan Leaf takes the 3rd position with 100 units, and of 4th position the strong BMW i3 selling 49 units.

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