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Canada – December 2014 & Full Year

Plug-in vehicle volumes and market shares 2014 increased steadily until September, then declined abruptly. Lower monthly industries in quarter 4 only partly explain the volume decrease; rather it was the sudden drop in sales of Smart Fortwo, Chevy Volt and Tesla Model S. December saw a recovery of Tesla deliveries to 123 units, which was 2nd best in the year. PEV share of total market volume peaked in September, with 0,36 % from 616 sales. The year finished at 5009 units which was a 65 % increase over the 3041 units of 2013.
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Healthy annual growth

The ratio of EVs to PHEVs changed in favor of the former; EVs increased by 86 % to 2900 units and had 58% of PEV sales in 2014. PHEV grew by 43%, reaching 2100 units. The ever so popular Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is not on sale in Canada.
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