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China – 3rd Quarter & YTD

Sales of plug-ins, or New Energy Vehicles (NEV) as they are called in China, beat most expectations. Q3 of 2015 increased by 200 % over Q3 of 2014. Nearly 45 000 NEV passenger cars, incl. mini-cars, were delivered. Year-to-date, the total is 100 000, 180 % more than during the same period last year. PEV share reached over 1% in August and September. Altogether, China has emerged as the most important market for plug-ins, worldwide. Last year, this position was firmly held by the US. NEV sales were completely decoupled from the general car market trend: The total Chinese passenger car market is down 2 % in Q3, compared to Q3-2014. Year-to-date, the total market only shows a small increase of 2 %.
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More BYDs, more PHEVs

NEV sales to Government and public organizations are predominantly EVs, whereas private demand is higher for PHEVs. With private demand accelerating, Chinese OEM have adapted their offer, launching more PHEVs than ever before. BYD, already leading with the Qin PHEV, launched two more PHEVs during the last 4 months, which proved to be extremely popular. Incentives for NEVs are generous, but the rules for NEV subsidies are stricter in China than anywhere else. The vehicle must be from domestic production and a minimum range is required, e.g. at least 50 km all-electric-range for PHEVs. Hardly any western brand meets all those requirements and the sales charts are totally dominated by Chinese OEM.  
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Two new Plug-in Hybrid SUVs from BYD

The BYD Tang PHEV, a Lexus RX sized SUV, became available in June and sold more than 3000 units in September, more than the previous leader BYD Qin PHEV. The Tang is available from 280k RMB before subsidies (220k RMB after subsidies), has 80 km all electric range, is lavishly equipped and goes in 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. A price-value relation unheard of, until now. End of August, the smaller brother of the Tang, the BYD Song, became available. BYD delivered 1100 units in September and we expect it to pass the Tang in terms of sales numbers, soon. The Song is one size smaller (D-Segment SUV), has 70 km all-electric range and acceleration is as blistering as for the Tang. Song's prices are 30 000 RMB below Tang. Hard to resist, if well made and nice to drive. Picture credits: China Auto Web

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