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Danmark – 1st Quarter 2015

January ’15 starts weak in Denmark, not in line with the booming growth in December 2014. However, looking into February, growth seems to start, and with an all-time record breaking March, with 476 PEVs and an astonishing 2 % of sold LVs. Model S is clearly the winner, as for December also. The total Q1 of 2015 gives 639 PEV units sold, and some average of 1,1 % of PEV share of the light vehicle market. Tax incentives are favoring purchases of pure EVs in Denmark over PHEVs.
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A market for luxury EVs

Only 15 PHEVs were sold in Q1 2015, specifically 3 i8s and 15 Outlanders). Continuously, the buyers of EVs (below 2 tons curb weight) are exempted from the registration tax, which is over 100% of the vehicles taxable value. The taxation scheme for vehicles with combustion engines is easier on cheap and frugal cars and commercial vehicles. It punishes buyers of expensive and thirsty cars. Not unlike in Norway, this makes EV interesting in larger and luxury vehicle categories in Denmark. Policy makers in Denmark are not very pleased with this buying pattern and are said to reconsider the registration tax exemption regime in its parts or altogether, with revisions to be valid after 2015.
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