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Europe (w/o Russia) – December 2014 & Full Year

Year-on-year growth was strong, except for Q4. The previous year 2013 Q4 was exceptional, when expected incentive cuts for PHEV in the Netherlands caused a run on these vehicles during Oct-Dec 2013. A “normal” month in Q4-2013 would have been around 5000 units in Europe. European PEV volumes and shares of December 2014 indicate the momentum to continue into 2015.
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More choice, more volume

Fuelled by new models in attractive segments 2014 volumes rose by 46 % vs 2013. Pure EVs gained 60% (PHEV +25 %) and stood for 70 % of all sales for electrically chargeable vehicles in Europe 2014. Growth differed considerably between individual countries: Strong markets were UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium. Weak markets were France, Netherlands and Italy. For details in growth and PEV shares, please refer to the World Total post on this site. The combined plug-in vehicle volume of EU and EFTA member states was 96540 units, resulting in a light vehicle share of 0,66 %. The count excludes the Russian market, where our sources do not indicate any relevant volume PEV sales. Volumes do include the Renault Twizy (2300 units), a Quadri-cycle by EU rules, but considered car-like by most enthusiasts and spectators. The high-speed variant (80km/h+) is popular and needs the drivers license for passenger cars.
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Segment dynamics 2014 vs. 2013

Product offer and markets for plug-in vehicles are highly dynamic and the segment landscape has changed completely during just one year. Tesla Model S (E-Segment) , BMW i3 (MPV) and Mitsubishi Outlander (SUV) had their first full year of sales in Europe and became, by far, the most popular choice in their segment. In the case of Model S and Outlander, it is fair to say that these entries created their segment and still dominate it completely. The VW eUp! became an important contribution to the A-Segment in Europe, now leading it among 5 other, aging entries. Light Commercial Vehicles was the only category with decreasing volume, entirely related to the aging segment leader Renault Kangoo.

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