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France – 1st Quarter 2015

EVs continues a steady growth in France. Zoe and Leaf are still the volume winners. Where Zoe made a gigantic sales lift in February. However, the Bolloré Blue car made it to the second position in January, meanwhile also loosing some sales in YoY comparison.
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Records and recovery

2015 Q1 totals are 4300 PEV sales, an 85 % from 2014 Q1, in a nearly unchanged total market. Looking at numbers, January and February are record sales months, again. Regarding March, France seems to have reached the previous 2013 record month again. The first quarter suggests that France seems to have a promising outlook for the whole 2015. PHEVs have increased the share of PEV sales, almost doubling, mainly due to strong sales from VW and Audi, but also a slight increase from Outlander.
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third France – 1st Quarter 2015 image third France – 1st Quarter 2015 image

January and February


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