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France – 2nd Quarter 2015

June shows a new record of sales in France! April in Q2 2015 was also a record holder until June. Plug-in Hybrids are taking a 20 % sales share of all EVs, A3 e-Tron and Golf GTE seems to contribute most to PHEV growth. Zoe is the grand winner in her home market – followed by VW Golf GTE (3rd YTD) and the Nissan Leaf (2nd YTD). Audi A3 e-Tron makes a good entry in the French market with 405 sold units in Q2. Kangoo ZE and Bolloré Bluecar are sadly losing sales compared to last year.
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More choice, more sales

The introduction of both Audi A3 e-Tron and VW Golf GTE made a lift in PHEV sales in France. Previously, only the Outlander sold strong as a PHEV, and it still does; increasing about 130 % YoY in Q2. The Porsche Cayenne PHEV shows good numbers, with 112 sold units in Q2. However, the whole market is growing generally, and also for pure EVs. During Q2 2015 in France 7507 units were sold with an increase with 83 %. »Register (for FREE) below or log in to read the full article, with detailed sales and outlook.
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Sales Ranking June 2015

A sales boom for Zoe in June, reaching almost 1500 units – and 3398 for the whole Q2. Zoe is clearly the most popular EV in France, her home market. Zoe has what she deserves; good distribution in France and fair price. Together with the sales of Kangoo ZE (581 in Q2), Renault keeps a good share of cars in the home market. On second position for June and Q2 we find the Nissan Leaf, selling 583 units during Q2.

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