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France Q3-2015 & YTD

The plug-in market returned to growth during 2015, following a more or less disappointing 2014. Q3 was in line with the positive trend; plug-in volume increased by 42 % in Q3 compared to Q3 2014. The increase YTD is a satisfying 67 %.
The volume for Q3 was 5900 sold units, and 17800 units YTD which corresponds to a share of slightly over 1 % of the France light vehicle market.

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Plug-in hybrids gaining shares

Despite a significant drop in sales of the otherwise popular Mitsubishi Outlander, PHEVs gained share in France. Golf GTE and A3 e-Tron continued to attract more customers. The exclusive Porsche Cayenne PHEV contributed as well. EVs still hold around 80% of the French plug-in market, mainly due to the recent success of Renault Zoe, which now stands for 38% of all plug-in sales.

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Zoe's Home Run

Zoe sales have been consistently strong since April. Range is increased by 30 km to 240 km (NEDC) thanks to improved driveline efficiency (battery size remained 22 kWh) and the outgoing 210 km version is leasable for 119 € a month in France. In September it nearly hit the 1000 mark again, followed by another Renault ZE. The Kangoo had its best month since 2 years back, with nearly 400 units. Renault takes it serious with their ZE range and together with the alliance partner Nissan (Leaf, eNV 200) they captured 70 % of EV sales and 60 % of all plug-n sales in France.

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