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Germany – December 2014 & Full Year

2014 monthly volumes were consistently above 2013 numbers, supported by new models and revised taxation schemes. From 2014 onwards, the annual ownership tax exemption for plug-in vehicles is prolonged from 5 years to 10 years. Also, the threshold for CO2 tax was lowered from 110 g/km to 95 g/km. Together with a spree of new models for German brands, the impact on PEV sales was significant. There is momentum for further increases in 2015; December became the best month yet for PEV in Germany, more than doubled volume vs December 2013.
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Unlike 2013, where total PEV volume increased a meager 350 units over the year before, plug-in vehicle sales in 2014 made good progress. 13100 units and 0,4 % is not much in a 3,3 million vehicle market, but means a 95 % growth over 2013. Pure electric vehicle volume increased by 56% to 9770 units and plug-in hybrid sales (3330 units) were more than 6 times higher than in 2013. Plug-in Hybrids represented 25% of all plug-in volume in 2014. Growth was driven by the success of new, German EV & PHEV models and the before mentioned changes on taxation and incentives for 2014.
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