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Germany Q3-2015 and Year-To-Date

The record of March 2015 was not reached during Q2 and Q3. However, sales during Q2 and Q3 are still on healthy increase from previous years. Sales in Q3 2015 increased by 61 % compared to last years Q3, and reached to 5418 units sold, with July being the best month. Tax incentives introduced in 2014 (see previous article Germany – December 2014 & Full Year) continue to increase sales in Germany. YTD, Germany's PEV share is 0,6 % of light vehicle sales.
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More PHEVs are getting introduced

With more Plug-in hybrid models introduced during 2015, the PHEV category gained share over pure EVs. Q3 saw a slight rebound of EVs due to strong sales of Kia Soul EV and Tesla Model S. In the future, we see more PHEVs than EVs added to the portfolios, in particular for the German domestic brands. We therefore expect plug-in hybrids to stand for 50 % or more of German Plug-in sales.
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Ranking September, Kia Soul EV #1

Kia Soul EV has become popular, with 380 units in September, 360 in August and 280 in July. But there may be some unexpected explanations for this, which we elaborate on in the next section. The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV hits the second position in September and Audi A3 e-Tron in third. #4 is held by the BMW i3, which is followed by Volkswagen Passat GTE and Golf GTE. The Passat GTE finally gained traction in September selling 131 units.

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