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Global Plug-in Deliveries for Q3-2017 and YTD

2017 Global plug-in vehicle sales until September were over  764 000 units,  46 % higher than the same period of 2016. These include all global BEV and PHEV passenger cars sales, light trucks in USA/Canada and light commercial vehicle in Europe. In Q3, 66 % of sales were pure electric (BEV) and 34 % were plug-in hybrids (PHEV). All-electric vehicles have been winning share, as the BEV-friendly Chinese market continues to win importance.

Q3 growth rates were influenced by the accelerating Chinese market, with the USA and Europe following it closely. The Toyota Prius Prime PHEV became an instant best-seller in Japan and pulled that market up. September propelled sales to record levels, with the 122 800 units recorded that month being 19% above the previous all-time best, set last December with 102 800 units.

Looking into Q4, growth is expected across the main markets and especially in the USA, with the ramp up of the Tesla Model 3 and also the end of the fiscal year providing an extra boost in sales of most models.

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Healthy Growth in All Regions

With the subsidy constraints a thing of the past, China is back at the global driver seat: It has increased sales by 49 % YoY, adding over 100 000 units to last year result of 227 000 units. Europe (+39%) and the USA (+31%) have also grown significantly, with the remaining markets going even faster, with Japan (+103%), South Korea and Canada leading the way.

Japan owes its return to form to the start of the Prius Prime, and with the recent introduction of the new Nissan Leaf, sales should grow exponentially.

Europe increased 39 % this year, with Germany speeding up EV adoption, up 106 % YoY, while smaller markets are doing even better, like Iceland (+268%), Ukraine (+304%) or Slovakia (+800%).

North America grew slower than Europe, but the 31%  growth rate is still significant, profiting from the introduction of the GM Bolt and Prius Prime in large volumes. New: Others include  20 countries in the Americas, Africa, Middle East and Asia/Oceania, most of them where plug-ins are still sold in very small numbers.
second Global Plug-in Deliveries for Q3-2017 and YTD image
third Global Plug-in Deliveries for Q3-2017 and YTD image

The Rise of China

The Chinese Government is determined to combat smog, climate change and traffic congestion. Programs designed at the beginning of the decade have played out. Generous subsidies, fee exemptions, NEV sales quotas and ICE use restrictions have pushed the plug-in vehicle share to over 2 % this year. With a total passenger car market of 25 million sold annually, China has the potential to become the plug-in volume leader by a large margin.

2 % is just the beginning, ambitions are much higher: 6 % share by 2020, 20 % share by 2025 and a ban of all fossil car sales after 2030 or 2035 are quite possible scenarios, if motions become mandates.

As one can see from the graph, the major volume driver for PEV expansion has been China, with this country being responsible for almost half of sales this year.

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