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Global Plug-in Vehicle Sales 2015 Q3 and YTD

September 2015 was the best month ever for Plug-in vehicle sales, with 47 600 units, another 3500 higher than the previous record in June. Also Q3 was the best ever quarter in Plug-in sales history. Year to date, volume stands at 337 100 units, more than for the entire 2014, when 316 300 were sold. Growth was strong for each month except February and we expect new sales records for the remaining quarter of 2015. Year-on-year growth until now is 49 %. Another highlight of Q3 was the first millionth Plug-in vehicle being sold during August. At the end of Q3, more than one million PEV (Pure EV and Plug-in Hybrids, Passenger Cars and LCV) were on the road.
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Gains for Plug-in Hybrids

The ratio of EVs and PHEV was stable during the previous quarters. Q3 market a departure from this pattern. Whilst PHEV gained nearly 10 000 sales from Q2 to Q3, EVs lost nearly 3000 units, mainly due to lower Leaf, Zoe and Tesla sales. PHEV gains came from two new BYD SUVs (Tang, Song) the SAIC Roewe 550, also from China, and the face-lifted Mitsubishi Outlander.
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China - The Undisputed Winner

Volume and growth in China shows that the Government and the industry are serious about reaching the targets for NEVs (New Energy Vehicles). In March this year, China has surpassed USA as the largest market for Plug-ins and has kept this position in each month ever since. 101 000 passenger car NEVs were sold from January to September, a 65 000 units or 178 % increase over the same 2014 period. Market share is still low, only 0,7 % in a total market that will reach over 20 million passenger car sales this year. With high dependence on aging models, USA and Japan shifted into reverse. Japan lost two ranks to Norway and the U.K., with Netherlands, France and Germany following closely. Growth in the smaller PEV markets was healthy with few exceptions. PEV shares vary a lot between countries, Norway (18,5 %) still being the only market where PEVs have become mainstream transportation. France is the only larger market with a Plug-in share above 1 %.

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