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Italy – 1st Quarter 2015

EVs in Italy have been far after the other markets in Europe. Italy have been a market not like other latin countries. During 2013 and 2014 Italy had a very small part of PEV sales, 0,10 – 0,11 % of total sales. However, 2012 was stronger than 2013 and 2014. Looking at the Q1 of 2015 we can celebrate. Every month, Italy has doubled the sales of PEVs compared to Q1 2014. All models are winners, but not the Model S and the Twizy. Leaf and Zoe increase highly and keep their leading positions, but the Citroën C-Zero and BMW i3 are clearly having a giant YoY increase.
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Records, viva l’Italia!

The Italian EV Market starts with a record breaking 842 PEV units sold in Q1 2015, and march seems to be the all-time record. 2014 ended with 1.640 units sold, and 2015 will probably see much more. Pure EVs still dominate the Italian preference, with over 85 % of all plug-in vehicles sold in Q1 2015. This number was over 90 % during 2014, but changes a little bit due to introduction of Outlander and Cayenne PHEV and BMW i8. Italy is offering various financial incentives for low-carbon vehicle purchases. These can vary by region and are mostly directed towards companies/organisations with high average driving distances. Support schemes include alternative fuels, reducing the benefit of buying a zero-emission vehicle.
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