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Italy – December 2014 & Full Year

EV growth in Italy has not been brisk during 2014 and by the the end of the year it lost considerable momentum. EV volumes, shares and growth rates in Italy are far behind other markets in Europe. This despite local mini-EV manufacturers, driving restrictions in many city centers and generally high environmental consciousness. Italy is offering various financial incentives for low-carbon vehicle purchases. These can vary by region and are mostly directed towards companies/organisations with high average driving distances. Support schemes include alternative fuels, reducing the benefit of buying a zero-emission vehicle.
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2014 growth

The Italian EV Market ended the year 2014 with 1.640 units sold, a 13% growth over the year before, but still behind the 2012 record of 2.350 units. Admittedly, 1545 of those sales in year 2012 were Renault Twizy. The EV share of the total light vehicle market ended up at only 0,11%, climbing a meager 0,01% compared to 2013. Pure EVs dominate, with over 90% of all plug-in vehicles sold in 2014.
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