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Japan – 1st Quarter 2015

Plug in vehicle sales continue to be weak. January and February 2015 were significantly below 2014 and March was just on par. The combined first quarter volume was 7734 units, which is 1985 units, or 20 % units lower then Q1 of 2014. Share of passenger cars was just 0,58 %, falling back to the level of the 2012 calendar year (sic!). Partly responsible was a depressed overall passenger car market, which was 15 % lower for Q1-2015, compared to the 1st quarter of 2014. Electrically chargeable vehicles continue to loose market share in Japan, a trend that started in Q4 of 2014.
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Higher losses among Plug-in Hybrids

Nissan Leaf sales withstood the market downturn better than the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. This lead to a higher share of pure EV in quarter 1 sales, 62 % now being EV sales. For the entire 2014, EVs stood for 53 % of plug-in vehicle sales.
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Leaf and Outlander and not much else

January sales, 2398 units were 19% below 1/2014, the Outlander sold 470 fewer (-36 %) compared to January 2014. The Nissan Leaf posted 20 % lower volumes. February went worse with 34 % lower sales than 2/2014, again, particularly attributed to weak Mitsubishi Outlander volumes. Only 2773 PEV were sold, the lowest February number since 2012.

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