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Netherlands – 1st Quarter 2015

The Netherlands starts its 1st quarter 2015 with a stronger January, however going to normal growth in February and March. However, incentives were reduced in The Netherlands, in January 2014, so sales peaked in December 2013. Looking at Q1, compared to 2014, its growth is about 78 %, which is quite good. Obviously, many Q1 2014 buyers were stressed to purchase in December 2013, so 78 % growth rate also includes an incentive drop lag from this period.
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Some potential expected

Sales numbers does anyway grow, and the PEV share is still strong of the sold cars in Q1 2015, about 4,5 % of whole car market. Compared to 3,5 % in 2014, and 5 % in 2013. As usual in The Netherlands, it is still the PHEVs that keeps the highest share, of around 80 %. The total PEV share for The Netherlands is very high in comparison to other markets.
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