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Netherlands – December & Full Year 2014

Reduced incentives for PHEV from 2014 onwards caused a big run on Plug-in vehicles during the 4th quarter of 2013. The 2014 year end totals came out 31 % lower than 2013, for this reason. December 2014 volumes were 1560 units. Volumes/shares continue to recover from the 3rd quarter lows.
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Back to normal

A “normal” 2013 would have been around 11 000 units and in this context, the 15 300 volume for 2014 should not cause too much concern. It still represents a 3,5 % share of Light Vehicles, higher than in most other European markets. PHEVs dominate for the complete year, but December 2014 was the first month where pure EVs sold better than PHEVs.
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