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Netherlands – Q3 and Year-To-Date

Compared to the weak Q3 of last year, the July to September 2015 sales are a clear improvement, +126 % to be precise. During 2015 only April was below last years and the yer-to-date result is 60 % above 2014. 18 420 plug-in vehicles were sold this year, so far. The Q3 market share reached 5,7 % and for the accumulated Jan - Sep it is 5,3 %. This is the worlds second highest market share for Plug-ins, the #1 is still Norway, with 19 %.
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Over 80 % Plug-in Hybrids in the Netherlands

The share of PHEVs has been 80 - 90 % in the Netherlands, which is the highest among all markets we are tracking. Tax incentives in NL favor zero emission vehicles, but the difference to a PHEV with 50g CO2/km or lower is not significant enough to create more demand for pure EVs. The countries charging infrastructure is designed for PHEVs, too: It offers around 10 000 (!) public locations for normal and semi-fast charging, but only 230 real fast DC chargers, which are needed for longer distance trips with pure EVs. For many, without an own place to charge, they are the only option. Range anxiety is still not cured in the Netherlands and that Tesla Model S is the best selling pure EV is part of this picture.
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September Sales in the Netherlands

The Outlander used to be the eternal number one in the charts. Things changed when VW introduced the Golf GTE / Audi A3 e-Tron siblings and Mercedes brought in the C350e. These three plug-in hybrids now have NL as their prime sales destination, not Germany. In September the Outlander (face-lifted) was back on the top position for the first time again, since April. Also the next 4 places all belong to plug-in hybrids. The Volvo V60 PHEV had its best month since January, with 300 units, thanks to a further variant with 163 hp Diesel engine and a 5000€ lower price compared to the 220hp Diesel version. Tesla missed its typical end-of-quarter peak, but is still be best selling pure EV in The Netherlands; 163 units were sold.

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