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Norway – 1st Quarter 2015

Norway! Cheers! Astonishing, almost every 4th vehicle in March was Electric. Everything floats. There’s few room to make any comments. We thought previously that Norway were stagnating, however, starting the Q1 2015 with astonishing sales. All months are records compared to previous, and March sales were an all-time record!
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Zoe, Audi e-Tron and e-Golf

With Q1 2015 selling as much as the grand total of 2013, we can clearly say that the adoption rate in Norway of PEVs is steep. Introducing new models such as the e-Golf and Audi A3 e-Tron gave a sales boom in Q1 2015. However, for PHEVs, the Outlander actually went down a bit in sales, but the Audi and Volvo V60 PHEV really made a strong Q1, selling more that the whole year of 2014. Taxation in Norway starting to support PHEVs as well, giving the share of PHEVs sold a little larger, to around 10 %.
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