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Norway 2nd Quarter 2015

While Q4 of 2014 and Q1 of 2015 looked like the limits of PEV growth are reached in Norway, the 2nd quarter of 2015 has beaten all expectations. 95 % increase over Q2 of 2014 and 63 % year-to date. June was particularly strong, with 134 % increase over last year, making it the best month ever for plug-in vehicle sales in Norway. Over 3700 PEV registrations in an overall strong light vehicle market of 16806 units (+20 %). PEV share was over 22%, close to the share in March.
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PHEVs are growing

Plug-in hybrids gain share, notably from the Golf GTE sales since March 2015. The taxation scheme in Norway clearly favors EVs but has recently become more supportive to PHEVs, too. Mitsubishi Outlander and Audi A3 e-Tron stay strong in sales and account for a large proportion of plug-in hybrid sales. We see more Plug-in hybrids in future model rollout plans than pure EVs, so we could expect the trend to increase in the future, giving more sales in the PHEV side of the market.
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Sales Ranking for June 2015

With few exceptions, the June ranking follows the pattern of Q2: The VW e-Golf is the winner with 747 units. Tesla Model S on a safe 2nd rank with 566 units. Zoe sales passed the Outlander's in June, just by 10 units, but still. Normally, the Nissan Leaf holds the 3rd position, but sales were slow during June (only 186 units). On 5th position, we find the #2 best-selling PHEV, the Golf GTE with 355 units. Together with the e-Up! the Volkswagen Group captured 38 % of the Norwegian PEV market.

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