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Norway – December and Full Year 2014

The March 2014 miracle was not repeated during rest of the year, in fact, volumes and EV shares stayed around 10 %, with a slightly negative trend towards the end. Is the ceiling reached? 10 % is not a niche market anymore. Vehicle segment preferences in Norway (more Wagons, SUV) become relevant criteria. Also does the grid show weaknesses in places where EV population is high. Year-on year growth has weakened in quarter 4.
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More choice, more volume

A spree of new EV models (BMW i3, e-UP!, e-Golf, Zoe, Kia Soul) and a full year of Tesla sales pushed the market to 20k units for 2014 (+130 %). Share of the Light Vehicle market was 11,5% for the year. Taxation did not support PHEV much until December, yet Outlander sales were over 1500 for 2014, being the only PHEV with high volume in Norway.
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