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Sweden – 1st Quarter 2015

1300 plug-in vehicles were sold during the 1st quarter, 56% more than during Q1-2014. January and February typically have low overall vehicle sales and PEV sales were moderate, too. March compensated by 700 registrations, the best single month ever, in Swedish plug-in sales history. The overall light vehicle market (passenger cars & light commercial vehicles) was up 10 %, quarter on quarter. The average share of the light vehicle market was 1,5 % for the Q1-2015, March was at nearly 2 %. Last year, PEV share was 1,5 % for 12 months combined.
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Tesla and Nissan boost EV share

Tesla sold nearly 4 times more Model S, than during Q1-2014 and Nissan tripled sales by strong Leaf growth and by the e-NV200 van, which was not available in Q1-2014. Despite a 73 % increase in Outlander volume, EV are now the majority of sales, with 52% of PEV sales from 680 sales during Q1-2015. EVs outselling PHEV has occurred in Sweden during single months; in the end, PHEV always were the majority of sales. This time, it looks more like a trend reversal. Stay tuned.
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Outlander holds the line

Even during the weak sales months of January and February, Outlander sales keep up to over 100 units / month, making all other look like also-rans. With the size of the market and the volume for individual models, position changes can be erratic from month to month.

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