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Sweden 2nd Quarter 2015

June 2015 was the best ever month for Plug-in Vehicle sales in Sweden. 912 units, compared to 626 units in June 2014, a 46 % increase. Combined quarter 2 sales were 56 % higher than for Q2-2014. June marks the seasonal peak for Sweden, usually followed by a slow Q3 period, until the new model-year updates become visible in registrations in Q4.
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Majority of sales are pure EVs now

The share of pure EVs has stabilized at 53 %, a development that reflects the value improvements of these vehicles since last year. Both, EV and PHEV receive the same 40 000 SEK purchase incentive from the Swedish Government. Growth in EVs came from higher sales of Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV 200 van. VW e-Golf sales are still erratic, month by month, its toughest competitor is the Golf GTE, which became available in June. The EV/PHEV split could swing back to the favor of PHEVs, if the Golf GTE continues to climb in the charts. Sales of other PHEV models were either stable or declining during Q1 and Q2.
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June Sales 2015

The eternal #1 in Sweden, the Mitsubishi Outlander, had its 2nd best month ever, with 293 units sold. Only June 2014 was higher, with 428 sales. Model S volumes were likewise strong, the best ever month since sales started in Oktober 2013. 142 units were sold in June. The Golf GTE came in as #3 in its first month of sales (103 units), displacing the Leaf to the forth position. Volvo V60 PHEV volumes were the highest during this year, but are well below the results of 2014. VW eGolf sales had a sharp drop to just 19 units, since the Golf GTE entered the scene. BMW i3 sales stayed flat; still just 4 or 5 BMW dealers in Sweden are assigned to deliver them.

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