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Sweden – December & Full Year 2014

Record growth in sales exhausted the “Supermiljöbilspremie”-budget, before the year ended. The uncertainty about the availability of 40k SEK grant for low-carbon vehicles in autumn caused a considerable dent in PEV sales. Market share fell back to around 1,5 %; before, the share was trending towards 2 % or more.
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Strong growth despite uncertain incentives

2014 sales of EV and PHEV were 162% higher than for 2013, a result that exceeded most expectations. Both, EVs and PHEVs gained volumes: EVs more than doubled, form 819 to 1734 units, PHEVs nearly tripled, from 1103 to 3300 units. PHEVs gained in share, from 57% in 2013 to 65% in 2014. Sweden's charging infrastructure does not support long-distance driving in many places, making PHEVs the preferred choice. The volume totals include passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and Renault Twizy.
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