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United Kingdom 1st Quarter 2015

U.K. numbers for March are still preliminary but indicate another leap forward in electrically chargeable vehicle sales. Market shares are only slightly higher compared to the 4th quarter of 2014, but compared to the same period, Q1-2014, PEV volumes have increased more than 3-fold. March looks particularly bullish, but should be seen in the context of sluggish March 2014 deliveries. 2014 plug-in volumes did not follow the March (and September) vehicle sales peaks, which are typical for U.K. March 2014 volumes should have been 1000 units higher for a fair market share. Even if the final count is not available yet, March 2015 is the best ever single month for plug-in sales, doubling the previous all-time-high of September 2014. PEV share of light vehicle sales was just below the 1% mark.
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Sales of electrically chargeable vehicles have considerably shifted towards plug-in hybrids, driven by the success of the Mitsubishi Outlander. In 2014, 47 % of plug-in volume was in hybrids, for Q1-2015, their share has increased to 64 %. A total of 2700 EV were registered during quarter one, PHEV volume was 4900 units.
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The calm before the storm

January and February 2015 continued with similar levels of market shares as at the end of 2014: between 0,8 and 0,9 % of light vehicle volumes un the U.K. were plug-ins. In January slightly over 1600 electrically chargeable vehicles were sold, followed by 750 in February, usually a weak month due to the the change of the age identifier on number plates in March (repeated in August/September). As usual, the MMC Outlander PHEV and the Nissan Leaf lead the charts by a wide margin. Others sold a maximum of 100 units per month.

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