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USA – 1st Quarter 2015

Plug-in vehicle sales stayed nearly flat in Q1-2015, compared to the same quarter 2014. Sales increase by only 4 % and with the total light vehicle market up 5,6% this means a decrease in PEV share. With charging infrastructure improving continuously and incentives largely unchanged, the stagnation is likely to be caused by the wait for new, important model introductions. While the the high-selling Nissan Leaf drops in by 21 % and the soon to be replaced Chevy Volt looses 48 % quarter on quarter, Tesla Model S increased by 27 % (estimated) and the newcomer BMW i3 made a successful introduction in the U.S. market with 2681 units sold in Q1 2015.
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Pure EVs grow

PHEVs continue to slow down for Q1 2015, as in 2014. 2014 had a total of 0,7 % PEV share in the Light Vehicle market, Q1 2015 do have a sales share of 0,6 % in LV Market, however, this share is higher than Q1 2014. 66 % of sold PEVs were pure EVs, plug-in hybrids accounted for 34 % of PEV sales. PHEV market has continuously been downwards sloping since June 2014, were it peaked around 0,46 % of total Light Vehicle Market, at this point pure EVs consisted about 0,38 % of Light Vehicle Market. All in all, pure EVs are taking over the U.S. PEV market. ┬╗Register (for FREE) below or log in to read the full article, with detailed sales and outlook.
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March sales

Not unlike December 2014, Tesla Model S is the most sold PEV in March 2015, but also the full Q1 2015. The new AWD version of Model S clearly helped spiking sales. Similarities with the outcome of December, Nissan Leaf keeps a second position. Moving in on the third position in March we see the Fiat 500e, which makes a nice introduction to the United States market. The Chevy Volt is however on its way out, performing less well for each month in sales. The i3 continues to impress by being a small, imported, relatively expensive EV with good sales numbers for a 4th position in March, and third for the whole first quarter 2015.

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