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USA – 3rd Quarter 2015 and YTD

Since May, PEV sales have been below last years volume and Q3 made no difference. The combined Q3 was 17 % below Q3 of 2014, the year to date is now 7 % below 2014. The wait for Volt II, Tesla Model X and Leafs with better range has created a severe dent in the sales trend, likely to continue until deliveries of these cars reach the market.
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Gains for PHEVs, Model X coming

The Q2 and Q3 trend was towards Plug-in Hybrids, more as a result of sluggish Nissan Leaf sales, then strength of other models. Further, the Q1 share of PHEVs (34 %) had been held back by weak sales of Fords, Prius and the Volt. EVs lost 5 % in the total mix, from 66 % to 61 %, but may eventually rebound with more Tesla Model X and upgraded Leafs delivered in the coming months. On the PHEV side, VW is likely to introduce the VW Passat GTE to the US, trying to offer an alternative to the unwanted Diesels, at a very attractive price around $25k.

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Tesla Model S leads September, all new Model X launched

For the 5th time this year, the Model S claims the top spot in the monthly sales ranking. With estimated 2300 units, Tesla captures some 23 % of the PEV market in September, and 19 % year-to-date. In the E-Segment, with contenders like Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-Series et al, Model S has captured the 3rd position in September, outselling well known models like Audi A6, Cadillac CTS and Lexus GS. Impressive, esp considering the Model S' price range, that does not cover the lower half of the segment.

The drain on Volt and Leaf sales in the gain of the BMW i3, ranking #2 in September, with an exceptional volume of 1700 units, more than twice the usual monthly tally. And the best month ever since its introduction in the US.

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