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USA Plug-in Vehicle Sales for H1 2016 + July Update

The first half year of 2016 shows 18 % increase over the same period of last year. Sales peaks in March and June were caused by the delivery outbursts by Tesla to meet their quarterly targets. They came close. Total plug-in sales in June increased a whole 46 % over last year. Plug-in share for the month nearly touched 1 % of total light vehicle sales, the highest recorded so far.

Even if this is good progress compared to the 4 % decline of 2015 vs 2014, the numbers somewhat disappoint. We had expected the waiting lists for the new Volt, the Tesla Model X and better range Leafs to convert into sales in 2016. This did not happen to the full extent. Instead, GM and esp. Tesla have raised the bar for what to expect  in the near future: 200 miles of range, according to the tougher EPA standard, for around $30k after tax incentives.

July increased with 51 % over 2015, which was in line with expectations. A total of 13322 units were sold, 6803 EVs (51 %) and 6519 plug-in hybrids. EVs include our estimates for Tesla, 2040 Model S and 750 Model X.

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More Growth in Plug-in Hybrids

EV-range is still the issue. While half of the 19 100 BEV buyers opted for a Tesla in Q2, there were 17 500 Plug-in Hybrids sold in the last quarter. Their share has increased significantly during 2016 (10 %-pt to 48 %) and SUVs with these double powertrains are particularly liked.

For details about the winners and losers in these two propulsion camps please see the table further down in this article.

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Latest Month: Best month for Volt II so far

The new Chevy Volt had its best month so far, with 2406 units registered in July. One has to go back as far as August 2014 to note a higher monthly number.

Tesla shows the usual slowdown, following the end-of quarter peak in June and ranks on #2 and #8 now. In June the finish was 1-2 for Tesla.

The improved Ford Fusion continues strong and the BMW i3 surprised with deliveries of more than double the usual monthly numbers. Compared to June 2015 the increase was 58 % and might include some of the recent LAPD orders. This is still for the 21,6 kWh battery version, which is replaced to a 33 kWh unit later this year, for a nearly 50 % range increase.

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